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Ultimate Off to College Amazon List

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Hey there, good people of the internet!  Big things are happening – BIG!  I’m assuming that either you or someone near and dear is about to flee the nest and head off to college, making this not only an emotional but a potentially expensive time of life.  Did you know that shoppers are expected to spend over $94B on off-to-college spending this year?  If you’re like me, I want to make sure that my contribution to that total is well-rehearsed and that I get a good deal on the things that I need.  Well never fear, ReviewAllAboutIt is here!  We’ve raked the Amazon deals, necessities and nice-to-haves to bring you a curated list of off-to-college recommendations that will make dorm living a breeze.  So, hold tight, and let’s dive in.

Off to College

We’ve gone ahead and included a variety of products so you can hopefully find something that meets your situation (community bathrooms require different prep than a private apartment).  Now is a great time to shop these items because a lot of them are on deals for back-to-school season; with the exception of a couple of high-ticket items (hello, window air conditioner! But also, you’re welcome.), this list is full of affordable gadgets and storage devices that will keep you organized all while looking your best.   Have fun perusing and adding to that cart, and rest easy knowing you are setting yourself up for success. 

Pro-tip: If you are moving, don’t hesitate to send this stuff straight to your new digs when you arrive – no sense in purchasing and packing it all twice.  Plus, you’ll have yourself an Elle Woods moment as all of your new swag hits your doorstep.

Please note that this is not a “packing for camp” kind of list – some of the items here might not be necessary for your living situation, and vice versa. (Just because we don’t list toothpaste doesn’t mean you don’t need it, kiddos.) We’ve taken the most requested, “I wish I would have gotten…” items that we could find and dropped links to an option here in this post. From mattress toppers to shower caddies and even a killer Ramen bowl, we think we’ve gathered the cream of the crop for your perusing pleasure.

Get ready to turn up the dial on your new living situation. Here we go:

Mattress Topper (if you are dorm living, add to cart NOW):

Command Hooks:

Sewing Kit:


Bedside Shelf Organizer:

USB Outlet Extender/Surge Protector:

Surge Protector

Laundry Bag:

Collapsible Laundry Basket:


Closet Hanger Extender:

Bed Risers (maximize that under-bed storage):

Under Bed Storage:

Shower Shelving:

Under Sink Storage:


Stackable Storage Bins:

Over the Door Storage:

Bathroom Caddy:

Shower Curtain:

Big Bath Towels:

Bathrobe #1:

Bathrobe #2:

Sticky Note Set:

Office Chair

Desk Chair #1:

Desk Chair #2:

Window Air Conditioner:

Tower Fan:

Handheld Vacuum:

Keurig Single-Serve Iced and Hot Coffee Maker:

Portable Steamer:

Label Maker (if you have roommates… just sayin’):

Disinfecting Wipes:

Portable Speaker:

High-Capacity Backpack:

Microwave Ramen Bowl (only the essentials!):


101 Things to Do with Ramen Noodles Book:

1TB USB Drive:

Portable Tool Kit:


Bed/Desk Lamp:

Mini Fridge:

Note Taking System Notebooks:

Mini Projector:

Clearview Highlighters:

Full-Length Mirror:

Prices on a lot of these items can vary so be sure to strike while the deals are hot!  We hope this gave you a good starting place for all those little ‘extras’ that sometimes slip through the packing cracks.  Wherever your college adventure takes you, live large! Happy shopping!


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