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Best Back-to-School Amazon Shopping List

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Hey there, mindful mavens!  It’s that time, again; We hate/love to say it, but back-to-school shopping is upon us.  Major retailers are already weeks, yes WEEKS, into their back-to-school shopping seasons and the deals are everywhere.  Did you know that Americans are expected to spend $49B on back-to-school shopping this year?  That’s a ton of moolah and we are here to help you make the most of your money.

With only a few weeks left until most schools are in session, except for those few already pounding the pavement (We’re looking at you, AZ!  We salute you!), it’s time to get your ducks in order and start filling those must-have back-to-school lists.  Our Off-to-College list got such a great response from our readers that we decided to publish a master list of fun, back-to-school considerables for the kids that are still at home and not to brag but we think it turned out pretty fantastic.

A couple of notes for the reader: We realize that some teachers are super specific about the type of folders you buy, so we went light on those types of supplies.  What we have included are the extra things you may want to consider for your student; we’ve scoured Amazon to find deals on everything from adorable slides to the ever-popular Fjallraven Kanken Backpack (don’t know what that is?  There’s a link below and trust us when we say they are hot this year!).  We’ve curated lists for every age group: pre-k and kindergarten, elementary, and older teens, including fantastic options for each age group.  The items here are sure to please your kiddo as well as your pocketbook.

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Second, because it’s all about that fit for the olders, we’ve run a basic supplies list for them on things like headphones and backpacks, and then separated out a clothing list for women and men below the supplies.  We know that it isn’t all about clothes… except that it is for these older groups, and we’ve grabbed links for on-trend fashion that you can afford.  Oversized looks, cute sneaks, great joggers; all here for your perusal.

The list below is a great way to kick your back-to-school shopping into high gear so here we go!

Back-to-School Pre-K and Kindergarten

Magical Handwriting Workbooks:

Crayola Mini Twistables:

Native Kids Slip-Ons:

Yoobi Water Bottle:

Bluey Backpack:


5” Blunt Scissors:

Erasable Doodle Book:

Pencil Grip Trainer:

Carter’s Running Shoes:

Funny Face Pencil Case:

Back-to-School Elementary

Cinch-waist Dresses:

Crew Neck Sweatshirts:

Insulated Lunchbag #1:

Insulated Lunchag #2:


Crayola Twistables:

Fleece Zip-Up:

Sherpa Zip Jacket:

Kids Crocs:

Marvel Notebooks:

Summer Vibe Notebooks:

Nature Backpack Set:

Sports Printed Backpack Set:

Back-to-School 4

Middle School/High School

Wireless, Bluetooth Headphones:

Pen/Pencil Bag:

Bic Mechanical Pencils:

Geometric Folders:

Two-Pocket Assignment Folders:

Mighty Patch Pimple Corrector:

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack:

Colored Pencils:

Office Scissors:


Laptop Backpack:

Swiss Gear Bungee Backpack:

Women’s Clothing

Puma Women’s Sneaker:

Claw hairclips:

Champion Oversized Sweatshirt:

Victoria’s PINK Cropped Cinch Hoodies:

Cargo Pants

High Waist Cargo Pants:

Cropped Ribbed Sweater:

Boyfriend Jeans:

Cropped Hoodie:

Cropped T-Shirt:

Pillow Slides:

Loose, Ripped Denim:

Men’s Clothing

Under Armour Wordmark Shorts:



Adidas Slides:

Shark Slides:

Active Basketball Shorts:

Graphic Tees:

Casual Joggers:

Active Joggers:

We can’t wait to hear about all the deals that you’ve scored and fun things that you’ve found!  Remember that Amazon deals change fast so when you find those items that you want, act fast, because the prices won’t last forever.  Happy shopping, my friends! 


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